This page lists some projects that I have worked on.


  • OpenStrike C4ISR: an architecture for commanding and controlling all the things.

    • PIV authentication

    • Multi-level access controls

    • Integration with drones (ground stations, embedded clients, etc)

  • HackerMatch: a coordination service for finding hash collisions at hacker conferences


  • OpenStrike C4ISR: an architecture for commanding and controlling all the things.

  • Recreational sports management app

  • Custom small business infrastructure (app, api, website, notifications, book keeping, etc)

  • Expanded at-home enterprise (file sharing, custom network services, ad blocking, ldap, etc)

  • GoDo - an app for keeping track of todos

  • Distributed database experimentation

  • End-to-end encrypted chat app (websockets-driven)

  • Lightweight console text editor

  • Kubernetes deployment for personal infrastructure

  • Tunneling for self-hosting behind NAT

  • Blockchain powered social media

  • DoS blocking TCP proxy


  • Open-source documentation scraper & spell-check pull request bot

  • Custom compression tool based on Huffman coding

  • Custom Linux kernel scheduler

  • Solvers for phone games

  • iOS app for tracking migraine severity

  • Client and server programs for managing rental properties

  • Custom Rust-based OS kernel

  • Health checker for distributed systems

  • Twitter clone

  • Extended family directory app supporting relationship tracking

  • clone

  • Clone of Linux network stack with Python

  • VSCode extension for converting XPath to JS selectors

  • CI/CD with GitLab pipelines and GitLab actions


  • Cross-platform Instagram clone

  • Custom secure password manager app

  • Wedding invitation address collection app

  • Proof-of-concept bank phising website

  • Highly performant prime number generator

  • Family history map app

  • Started on HackTheBox

  • Self host GitLab instance


  • Built my first first desktop computer

  • Emotion recognition with computer vision

  • Proof-of-concept toy webcam spyware

  • Fully online multiplayer tic-tac-toe

  • Personal GitLab instance (with email, etc)

  • Wifi hacking


  • Derivative/integral calculator

  • Monte Carlo engine

  • Mathematical constant high-precision generator (pi, root-2)

  • Programming language performance testing


  • Shapes with Python/Turtle

  • Raspberry Pi powered Alexa voice assistant