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HPC Systems Tools, Visualization, and Management

Starting in April 2019, I worked on a variety of projects for INL’s HPC department. I had the opportunity to present my work at a poster conference.


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Raspberry Pi Cluster

For my high school senior project, I built a mini HPC cluster using a few Raspberry Pis. This was an incredible educational experience, as it taught me a great deal about Linux system administration, parallel computing, and programming.

Before completing my senior year of high school, I spent the summer as an intern at INL. I worked in the Advanced Scientific Computing department on a variety of projects.

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Programming Religious Wars

At the end of my 2017 summer internship at Idaho National Laboratory, I performed an experiment to determine the fastest programming language. I had the opportunity to then present my findings at a poster conference.

Here are some small code snippets used in my testing:


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