Posted in 2018

High School Graduation Speech

Here is my very snarky high school graduation speech for your enjoyment:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Over the last few days I have been a bum. I am no longer attending high school, I haven’t graduated, and I live in my parents’ basement. The bum life has given me the great opportunity to think about this speech and what to say.

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Rubik’s Cube Solver

For AP Computer Science, I was required to complete a programming project of some kind. Because of my interest in Rubik’s Cubes, I decided to combine some of my passions and do something related to cubing for my project.

I first decided to write a Python program to simulate a Rubik’s Cube. A user would be able to enter moves on the command line and see a real-time display of the cube’s state. Here is an example of what this looked like in 2x2 mode:


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