About Me#

I am passionate about software and information security. My time is spent wearing many hats, including that of engineer, student, and hobbyist.


I am a skilled software engineer and cybersecurity professional. I currently work for MITRE, but have spent several years building and hacking software in many capacities. As a professional engineer, I am deeply focused on producing quality software through integrating security, reliability, and scalability with the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies to solve impactful problems.


Currently, I am a part-time master’s student at Georgia Tech, where I am studying computer science. Specifically, my focus is in information security and secure software.

In 2021, I wrapped up my undergraduate degree at BYU. There, I studied computer science and mathematics, focusing especially on computer security.


My foremost hobby is learning and experimenting with new technologies on problems I find interesting and relevant to my life. I have a never-ending list of projects to complete and tools to tinker with. In my free time, you’ll find me checking items off said list, fixing up my homelab, experimenting with devops/hosting solutions, designing and implementing software architecture, learning new programming languages, doing CTF challenges, contributing to open-source, and much more.

It may be weird to some that I do the same thing in my free time that I do during work and school, but I believe it simply demonstrates how intensely passionate I am about what I do.


Below is a rough timeline of what I’ve been up to over the past several years.



  • Started at MITRE, a non-profit organization that runs multiple FFRDCs. I work as a software engineer on tactical edge systems.

  • Started Georgia Tech master’s program (part-time)

    • Computer Science, computing systems track

  • Completed PEN-200 (Penetration Testing with Kali Linux)

    • Currently working toward OSCP



  • Continued at INL internship, left in the fall

    • Built tools to increase productivity of system administrators

    • Designed a user login monitoring system for security and metrics

    • See this poster for more on what I did

  • Joined BYU Office of Research Computing

    • Developed tools for hundreds of users to manage their HPC resource usage

    • Provided training and support to cross-discipline HPC users


  • Started undergrad at BYU

  • Started summer internship at INL (HPC Software Management)

    • Performed benchmarking on GPU clusters

    • Built apps for managing software modules and monitoring usage

  • Extended internship at INL (HPC System Administration)

    • Developed apps to manage physical and digital resources


  • Completed AP Computer Science

    • Built a Rubik’s Cube simulator

    • Implemented a custom solution algorithm

  • Completed high school senior project

    • Built a mini supercomputer powered by Raspberry Pi

    • Research in parallel computing

  • Placed 1st at MAGIC CTF competition


  • Completed high school internship with INL’s Advanced Scientific Computing department

    • Conducted programming language performance analysis for HPC systems

    • Implemented a fluid dynamics parallelization algorithm

2016 and Earlier

  • Early interest in computing

    • Baby programming projects (e.g. drawing shapes and designs with turtle, self-teaching with this book, etc)

    • Tinkering with Linux on a Raspberry Pi

About this website#

This website is meant to serve as an aggregation of what I do with my time academically, professionally, and as a hobbyist. I’ll periodically add blog posts, details about projects I’ve been working on, etc. Also, since I’m a devops/infrastructure fanatic, you may find this site deployed in many different formats over time and potentially down from time to time while I transition between solutions.

Random Badges#

These are badges from random websites that I wanted to put somewhere. Think of this section as my digital bumper stickers.

https://www.hackthebox.com/badge/image/236911 https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=pwablito&count_private=true&show_icons=true https://github-readme-streak-stats.herokuapp.com/?user=pwablito https://github-profile-summary-cards.vercel.app/api/cards/profile-details?username=pwablito&theme=github_dark


The formatting of this iteration of my website is largely borrowed from Chris Holdgraf’s website